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Professional Staff Program
Performance Evaluation

The University encourages a work environment in which employees and supervisors communicate regularly about job performance. Performance feedback should include the employee's progress toward achieving unit goals and objectives, recognition of individual accomplishments and opportunities for growth, involving comments from faculty, students, clients, and peers as appropriate. Ongoing communication helps ensure that there is a mutual understanding of job performance requirements and the employee's success in meeting them.

In addition to regular performance feedback, the Professional Staff Program requires supervisors to conduct formal performance evaluations at least annually, though employees may request evaluation more frequently.

Units schedule evaluations to best meet their needs, and the evaluation cycle is not dependent on the merit salary increase process. However, a current performance evaluation (completed within the previous twelve months) is required to support recommendations for merit salary adjustments and in-grade or grade change salary increases.

Units determine the type of performance review program that will work best for them. An employee may request that the professional staff feedback form be used to solicit performance feedback from others who have knowledge of the employee's performance. The employee may suggest people of whom feedback will be requested. The employee shall receive a copy of the signed and completed evaluation.

Two sample formats and a feedback solicitation form are available to assist units in planning and conducting performance reviews. The examples and the feedback form are MS Word documents.

Example 1 - A "conversational approach" (Download).

Example 2 - Specific rating range and rating elements identified. (Download).

The Professional Staff Feedback form may be used to gather input from faculty, students, clients, and peers. (Download).