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Professional Staff Program
Leave & Holidays - Introduction

Professional staff accrue (accumulate) two types of leave, sick leave and annual ("vacation") leave, as described on the respective web pages. Other types of leave to which a professional staff employee may be entitled are not accrued but constitute time away from work that may be paid (like civil duty leave or bereavement leave), unpaid (like extended military leave), or that may entitle an employee to time away from work that can be paid or unpaid depending on the employee's eligibility to use annual and/or sick leave (like family and medical leave).

The web pages for the defined leave categories provide detailed information about leave entitlement, eligibility and/or use.

Leave Approval

Absences from work require advance supervisory approval and/or notification. Each unit employing professional staff is responsible for developing a leave of absence request, approval and reporting procedures.


The Holidays web page provides information about holiday eligibility, including the personal holiday.