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Professional Staff Program
Disability Accommodation

The University of Washington provides reasonable accommodation to qualified employees with a disability as defined under state and federal law. A professional staff employee can request accommodation by using the University's Disability Accommodation Request Process. Questions regarding disability accommodation should be directed to the employing unit's Human Resources Consultant.

Disability Leave of Absence

Employees who cannot perform their job duties because of a medical condition (including pregnancy related disabilities, childbirth, or recovery from childbirth) may be eligible to take disability leave. Health care provider certification may be required for a disability leave approval. Periods of disability leave may also be covered by the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The University's Disability Leave of Absence Policy describes how professional staff employees may use paid and unpaid leave during a disability leave of absence, and explains the disability leave allowance.

Disability leave can be requested by following the employing department's normal leave requesting procedures, or in conjunction with a disability accommodation request.

See 'Insurance' for information about benefits retention during a disability leave of absence

Disability Leave Allowance

The University of Washington disability leave allowance is the length of time that the University authorizes an employee to remain on disability leave due to ongoing disability and is fully described in the University's Disability Leave of Absence Policy.

Disability Separation

A professional staff employee who cannot perform a position's essential functions, even with with reasonable accommodation, after reasonable accommodation has been attempted, or if the employee's condition is such that reasonable accommodation is not possible or available, the employee may be separated from University employment. The unit's Human Resources Consultant must review all cases where disability separation is being considered.