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Professional Staff Program
Appendix D - Reduction-In-Force Notification

The layoff process for Professional Staff Employees consists of the following steps:

  1. The administrator for employing unit or other designated departmental official should review the information on Planning and Initiating a layoff and contact the unit's Human Resources Consultant to discuss the layoff. Human Resources will reviews the reason(s) for the proposed layoff, discusses any questions with the departmental administrator.
  2. The administrator or employing official provides the affected employee with at least 30 days of written notice of the layoff.
  3. The designated departmental official completes the "Request to Initiate Layoff form", and submits it to the unit's Human Resources Operations office. Human Resources requests 10 to 12 weeks notice in advance of the proposed layoff effective date. If circumstances prevent supplying Human Resources with the requested notice, please contact your unit's Human Resources Consultant to discuss your situation.
  4. Human Resources works with the departmental administrator to ensure the the employee scheduled for layoff properly receives the official layoff notice and other resource information for employees.