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Getting Started



Timekeepers are able to create, update, and end an employee's leave record. There are normally a very limited number of timekeepers for a unit (e.g., a primary timekeeper and a backup).

The role of the timekeeper is to enter an employee's work and leave hours on a timely basis, using appropriate source documents. A timekeeper may also serve as a source of information about rules, policies and practices, and provide reminders to employees for approaching deadlines for use of various types of leave. Only the timekeeper is granted access to enter and update employee records.

Timekeepers will be required to log in to the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) with a UW NetID, password, and a SecurID. Both the UW NetID and the SecurID are obtained from UW Technology.

All work and leave information in OWLS must be authorized, documented, and regularly reconciled with related data maintained in your department or office.

OWLS is intended for use by authorized employees only, and authorization for use is solely at the discretion of department management. In order to protect the privacy and integrity of the records in OWLS, you must log out or password-protect your computer screen whenever leaving your desk.


To view a list of all employees in your department's PUC, log in to OWLS as follows:

1. Navigate to the OWLS home page and click on the "OWLS Log in" button.

2. Click on the 'Log in as Timekeeper' button.

3.  On the UW NetID log in page, type in your UW NetID, password, and SecurID code number. 4. Click the 'Log in' button.

5. You will be taken to an OWLS disclaimer. Once you read and understand it, click the "I agree" button to enter the OWLS main page.

To view the  record of an employee in your PUC, enter the employee's name or EID and click 'Next.' To view all records in a PUC, select your PUC, and click on the 'Next,' leaving the 'Name' and 'EID' fields blank.


Requests to obtain OWLS timekeeper access must be made by the administrator completing the online OWLS access request form. Additionally, OWLS timekeepers will need to attend the Leave Record Maintenance class (Course Code Q0160) offered through Professional and Organizational Development.

Problems logging in? Your SecurID may not be synchronized with OWLS. Please contact UW Technology to synchronize your SecurID.

When selecting employee OWLS records, you may choose to display or not display their prior records by clicking on "Include Prior Records."