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Editing an Employee Record

The Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) has various sections or tabs through which you can modify an employee’s record.

View of employee record with tabs highlighted.


The work and leave hours are entered and updated in the calendar view of OWLS. There are various codes that may be selected for work and leave entries. The most common codes are addressed on the Making regular updates to an employee record page.

Schedule/FTE/Service Period

Changes to an employee’s work schedule, FTE, and service period are made through the "Schedule/FTE/Service Period" tab.


The employee’s accrued monthly balances of paid leave are displayed through the "Balances" tab. Clicking on a month allows you to view the calendar entries for that month.

From this screen you are able to create a printable yearly summary.

Balance change

The following types of adjustments can be made to leave balances through the "Balance Change" tab:


An employee’s anniversary date, UW hire date, vacation accrual month, months of leave without pay, probationary or trial period date ranges, months of prior service credit, and name of supervisor(s) may be modified through the "Profile" tab.

End record

Use this tab to follow the process of ending an employee’s record.