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Ending an Employee’s OWLS Record



Employee records in the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) need to be ended when an employee:

Employee records must be audited and leave balances and ending dates verified before the records may be officially ended in OWLS.

View this page for more information about specific end record reasons in OWLS and OPUS.


To end an employee's OWLS record, follow these steps:

5. Click the "End Record" tab at the top of the screen. 6. Enter the last day on payroll, and choose the appropriate reason for ending the record. 7. Enter a note, if desired. 8. Cllick “NEXT.”

9. Review the summary for accuracy, then click “Permanently End Record.”

10. Click “OK” when asked “PERMANENTLY End Record?”

  1. If appropriate, complete the Separation Payment worksheet and the Employee Separation Payment Authorization Form (ESPA).
  2. Print copies of the Final Balance Summary page to keep for your records and send to HR.
  3. For employees transferring to another department, send the Final Balance Summary page, and all original 220 forms to the new department.
  4. For employees leaving the University or moving to a faculty, student, or hourly position, send a copy of the Final Balance Summary page, and a copy of the ESPA form, along with any/all original 220 forms, to HR. If the employee is leaving state service, also include the resignation letter.


To learn more about all the things to consider when employees leave University service, please visit the Ending Employment page.

View the Sick Leave at Retirement or Death webpage to help determine which budget numbers to enter into the ESPA form for those separation reasons.

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