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Entering Payments for Compensatory Time or Holiday Credit


Overtime eligible employees may accumulate compensatory time instead of being paid for overtime hours worked. If the compensatory time is not used by the annual deadline or not approved for extension, it must be paid.

All compensatory time credited to classified staff and overtime-eligible professional staff must be used or paid by June 30.

Holiday credit is time granted to an employee when a holiday occurs on the employee's regularly scheduled day off. If the holiday credit is not used by the annual deadline or is not approved for an extension, then it must be paid. The annual use/payment deadline for holiday credit is September 30 for Harborview and UW Medical centers, and June 30 for all other units.

Professional staff employees must use the holiday credit within 90 days of the holiday for which it was earned.


To show the payment of the compensatory time or holiday credit, open the employee's OWLS record and follow these steps:

1. Click on the 'Balance Change' tab at the top of the screen. 2. Choose the very last option, 'Time Reduced Due to Payment.'

3. Choose either 'Comp Time' or 'Holiday Credit,' whichever is appropriate.

4. Enter the date of the adjustment. 5. Enter the hours being paid. 6. Enter a note indicating on which ETR the hours were submitted to Payroll for payment. Sign and date the note. 7. Click 'Save'

8. Review the summary page.

9. Re-submit all affected months by clicking on "Submit Month and Send PERMs" in the calendar screen.


Because time is being paid out, the department's payroll coordinator will need to ensure that these hours are paid out through the Electronic Time Reporting (ETR) system. To learn about the ETR system, please visit the Time Reporting Tutorial page.

When reflecting the payout of leave time in ETR, earnings type codes other than the codes that are in OWLS may need to be entered. Visit the CTA-Comp Time Annual page to learn about the earnings type code for compensatory time. Visit the HTA (Holiday Time Annual) page to learn about the earnings type code for holiday credit time.

Compensatory time payout rules change depending on the employee's employment type. For information about compensatory time, please visit the HR compensatory time webpages for the following employment classifications:

Additional leave types that may appear for eligible employees include:

  • Comp pre 78
  • Holiday pre 79
  • Shore leave