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Entering Overpayment Repayment


When an employee’s salary has been overpaid, there are several options for reimbursing the University. One option is to deduct unused annual leave or compensatory time to pay back all or a portion of the overpayment. It is the responsibility of the employee, supervisor, and timekeeper to ensure the employee’s OWLS record is adjusted to reflect the repayment.


To enter the adjustment in OWLS, open the employee’s record and take the following steps:

1. Click on the 'Balance Change' tab at the top of the screen. 2. Choose 'Overpayment Repayment.'

3. Select the appropriate leave type, either'Annual Leave' or 'Comp Time.'

4. Enter the number of hours being used for repayment. 5. Create a note, referencing the month and year of the salary overpayment, and sign and date the note. 6. Click 'Save.'

7. Click on the "Calendar" tab.

8. If the action is retroactive re-submit all previous months.


To learn more about the policy regarding salary overpayment, visit the Payroll website.