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Leave Without Pay Correction


If an employee has the equivalent of more than ten (10) days of leave without pay in a month, no annual or sick leave will accrue for that month and affected months will not be counted as service credit months. In addition, the annual leave accrual month will be delayed one month for each month in which leave without pay exceeds 10 days. It is important to properly enter leave without pay in the employee's Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) record, so that OWLS will automatically calculate monthly accrual hours and recalculate total months of service.

When an employee moves from another leave recordkeeping system to OWLS, any leave without pay used prior to OWLS setup must be entered to ensure that the employee’s annual leave accrual month and annual leave accrual rate will be correct. If previous leave without pay was discovered after the record was set up, an adjustment will need to be made to correct the record.


To make a leave without pay correction, open the employee’s record and follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Profile” tab at the top of the  screen.

2. Click on the “Edit Employee Profile” button.

3. Click on the “Yes” button in the “Leave  Without Pay Adjustments” section. 4.  Enter the correct number of months. 5.  Click “Save.”

6. Review the updated profile information.

7. If no more adjustments are being made, click on “Calendar” to make time and leave entries, or on “OWLS Home” to exit the employee’s record.


For more information about leave without pay policies, visit the Leave Without Pay webpage.