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Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Testing Requirements

Annually the University is required to randomly test at least 50% of all cdl drivers for drugs and at least 10% of all cdl drivers for alcohol.

Testing Protocol

  1. Monthly our testing contractor notifies each employing unit of the employees (if any) to be tested for that month, and of the tests to be conducted.
  2. The employee must be sent for the designated tests within 30 days of receiving notification.
    1. If for any reason the department fails to send the employee for the specified test(s) during within 30 days of receiving notification, the department must contact Program Administrator (Bruce Miller) immediately.
  3. On the day within the 30 day window that you determine that the employee will be sent for testing:
    1. Complete the Test Authorization Form which instructs the laboratory what tests are to be performed.
    2. hand the employee the FEDERAL DRUG TESTING CUSTODY AND CONTROL FORM and the completed Test Authorization Form and notify the employee that he/she is to immediately go to the designated collection site and present both forms to the technician or receptionist.
      1. Note that some labs only do drug tests and others to both drug and alcohol tests. If the employee needs a drug and alcohol test, be sure to send the employee to a lab that does both.
    3. The employee must NOT be given advance notification of the test.
    4. The employee may not refuse or defer the test.
    5. If an employee refuses for any reason to go for a test, the refusal must be treated as a positive test. Contact your Human Resources Consultant (HRC) immediately.
    6. If an employee informs you that he/she expects to test positive for drugs or alcohol the employee must be sent for testing but do not allow the employee to drive him/herself to the collection site. Contact your HRC immediately.
    7. If for any reason an employee who was scheduled for testing in a month did not go for testing, complete the No Test Notification form and fax it to our testing contractor according to the form's instructions.

Random Test Results Reporting and Action

The results of random tests will be reported by our testing contractor. Immediately contact our contractor if there are questions.

If test results are negative, no action is required but records must be maintained in accordance with Records Retention & Confidentiality requirements.

If positive results are reported, immediately contact your unit's HRC, remove the employee from safety sensitive work and review the Positive Test web page.