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Pre Duty Background Check and Drug Test

Background Screening Requirements

Each person who is assigned CDL driving responsibilities must have a pre duty background screen to determine whether the person may have had a positive drug or alcohol test with a previous employer. The results of the background screen do not have to be received before driving is permitted.

Follow these steps to perform the background screen:

  1. The employing unit and the employee complete the "Consent and Release for Results of Controlled Substance, Evidential Alcohol Testing and Refusal to Test History Reports" form (download form).
    1. Be sure to include your unit's account number on the form.
  2. Retain employee and department copies of the form.
  3. Fax the form to out testing contractor as specified on the form.

If the results of the background screen indicate a positive test with another employer, immediately contact your unit's Human Resources Consultant (HRC).

Pre-Duty Drug Test Requirements

Each person who is assigned CDL driving duties must have a pre-duty drug test. There is NO pre-duty alcohol test. The pre-duty drug test is only performed before the first driving duties are assigned.

Testing Upon Hire

The pre-duty drug test is done immediately after a conditional job offer is made for all persons who:

Testing After Hire and Before Driving

The pre-duty drug test is NOT done at the time of hire and is only done before driving duties are assigned for employees who:

If the Pre-Duty Test is positive, see the Positive Test webpage and contact your unit's HRC.

Test Protocol

  1. On the day that you determine that you will send the individual for testing, complete the Test Authorization Form which instructs the laboratory what tests are to be performed.
  2. Hand the employee the FEDERAL DRUG TESTING CUSTODY AND CONTROL FORM and the completed Test Authorization Form and notify the employee that he/she is to immediately go to the designated collection site and present both forms to the technician or receptionist.
    1. Note that some labs only do drug tests and others to both drug and alcohol tests. Pre-duty testing is only for drugs. No breath alcohol tests are administered.
  3. The individual may not refuse or defer the test.
  4. If the individual refuses for any reason to go for a test, the refusal must be treated as a positive test. Contact your Employment Specialist (ES) immediately.
  5. If the drug test is positive, notify your unit's ES.
  6. If the drug test is negative, complete the Drug and Alcohol Testing Update form to add the person to your random test pool and fax it to our testing contractor.

Records Retention

Maintain records relating to post accident testing in accordance with Records Retention and Confidentiality.