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SLP Level 2: Leadership Agility Series

Organizations experiencing rapid change, mounting complexity, and increasing interdependence require agile leaders. Learn about the leadership agility framework and four core competencies leaders must master to maximize their agility. Practice the tasks required to master these competencies using tested tools, and determine how to leverage your work to challenge yourself and further your development as a leader.

This series of half-day workshops designed for UW managers, directors, and other executives is based on the work of Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, co-authors of Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change.

Self Development SUMMER
Self-leadership agility enables you to utilize your daily work and organizational initiatives to develop into the kind of leader you want to be. As your self-leadership agility develops, you're able to more fully align your behaviors with your values and aspirations in a way that increases your personal and professional development, your level of satisfaction in your work and life, and your ability to lead others in their own self-development.

Wednesday, August 26 | 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. | $150 | Register Now!

Context Setting AUTUMN
Context-setting agility improves your ability to scan your environment, frame the initiatives you need to take, and clarify the outcomes you need to achieve. As you develop your level of context-setting agility, you improve your ability to consider the organizational context that surrounds the issue you're addressing and the impact of your initiatives within the larger environment.

Stakeholders WINTER
Leaders use stakeholder agility to identify the key stakeholders of initiatives, understand what they have at stake, and assess the extent to which their views and goals are aligned with your own. As you develop your stakeholder agility, you're increasingly able to enter into others' frames of reference while still honoring your own perspective and to communicate in ways that align conflicting interests.

Creative Solutions SPRING
Creative agility demands that you break free from your habitual way of thinking and bring an innovative approach to the novel and complex issues that arise in times of change. Such situations are undefined or unpredictable, require you to collaborate across boundaries, and involve underlying issues, such as interpersonal concerns and politics. As this competency develops, you enhance your ability to question underlying assumptions, see important relationships between apparent opposites, and seriously consider a range of unique solutions to fit the situation.

Although interrelated, all workshops in this series can stand alone. Participation in the entire series is recommended for a thorough understanding of all four leadership agility competencies and their application, but leaders may choose individual workshops that serve their needs.

Each workshop includes a brief overview of leadership agility, assessment of individual level for the competency being addressed, and practical tools for application.


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