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Retreat Facilitation


A retreat takes a team, organization, or group of key decision-makers out of their normal work routines and puts them into an interactive environment that allows them to open up communication and dig deeper into problem solving. With proper planning and facilitation, retreats can be amazingly productive, encouraging creative thinking, strengthening relationships, and energizing the team.


The University Consulting Alliance is group of management, organizational development, and human resource consultants both employed by the University of Washington and subcontracted by UW Professional & Organizational Development.

Many of our Alliance consultants have years of experience with retreat facilitation and also have expertise in areas such as communication, team building, process improvement, and change management.

To explore working with a facilitator for your next retreat, contact the Alliance’s Consultation Services Coordinator at 206-616-8461 or The coordinator will work to understand your needs and match you with a suitable consultant.

Services are available only for University of Washington clients.


What the Alliance Does
Find out more about the types of consulting services the Alliance can provide.

Meet Our Consultants
Read more about our Alliance consultants.

Quarterly Courses
POD offers courses to help you with meetings and presentations, including Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings (Q0450) and Presentation Excellence (Q0620).