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University Consulting Alliance


The University Consulting Alliance offers consultation expertise in many organizational development areas. The Alliance is a self-sustaining enterprise with essentially no UW allocations. We recover our costs by charging fees for our services. However, we try to keep our fees at the lowest possible level.

Meet Our Consultants: We work with over 50 consultants with a variety of specialties and experience in a wide range of contexts. Our roster includes many consultants with master's degrees and several with Ph.D.s.


Getting Started: Contact our Consultation Services Coordinator at 206-616-8461 or Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will present several consultants from our roster for your consideration. We will include the consultants' qualifications, strengths, and fees to help you make your selection. You may also want to have a conversation with one or more of the possible consultants (free, up to one hour) to solidify your choice.

Next Steps: Upon your decision, contact the Alliance to initiate the contract. (The Alliance has pre-approved its consultants with University of Washington Purchasing.) The contract will contain a "not-to-exceed" amount, and the Alliance will bill for work (post-delivery or monthly depending on the length of the project) via the UW Cost Transfer Invoice (CTI) process. When the contract is approved by the requesting department authority and returned to the Alliance, the consulting work can commence.

About Our Fees: Fees depend on the consultant you select. Internal UW consultants are billed at $230/hour. Fees for an external consultant may be somewhat higher. In most cases, we are happy to provide you with an initial one-hour consultation or interview of possible consultants at no charge.

By working with the Alliance, UW departments are relieved of having to contract with and screen consultants.

There is an administrative fee added to all consulting contracts to cover our direct costs. The fee is 14% for external consultants ($120 minimum). In all cases, we will do our best to work within any budget constraints.

FAQs about the University Consulting Alliance

How can I justify spending money on consulting when my organization is facing budget challenges?
Using a consultant may actually save you money by increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Alliance consulting may help your organization "do more with less" by helping to enhance your team's performance.

More specific ways the cost of consulting assistance can actually result in savings include:

What if my organization is not sure what service is needed? How can I choose a consultant that's right for my organization?
The Consultation Services Coordinator will help you identify possible directions and will work with your budget and needs to provide a short list of suitable Alliance consultants from which to choose.