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Faculty Grants Management

The UW requires all Principal Investigators (PIs) with active, externally funded grants and contracts to participate in the Faculty Grants Management Program (FGM). Successful grants management requires a common understanding of processes and systems, prompt distribution of information, and effective communication between academic units and central administrative offices.


FGM is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Financial Management, and is coordinated by Professional & Organizational Development (POD). There is no fee for PIs, and others as eligible, to participate in FGM.

PIs must attend an appropriate FGM workshop at least every four years or lose their ability to submit additional grant proposals and their expenditure authority on grants.



Workshop Overview

The General Workshop reviews the PI's role and responsibility for administering sponsored agreements, explains established policies and procedures, and provides an overview of the central support services available to the principal investigator. Instructors for the in-person workshop include Lynne Chronister, Assistant Vice Provost for Research, and subject-matter experts from Research Accounting & Analysis and Internal Audit.

The Online Training Workshop covers the grants management process, from preparation of a grant proposal to fiscal report preparation through final audit.

Topics covered in FGM include:

Both the in-person and online workshops are updated as new compliance and audit issues arise.

Attendance Guidelines

Initially, all PIs must attend an in-person General Workshop within four months of receiving written notification of the award. Then, at least once every four years, PIs must attend another in-person General Workshop or complete the Online Training Workshop. This ensures that PIs remain current on grants administration processes and changes.

New PIs may use the online training as a resource but not to fulfill the FGM requirement. New PIs can only satisfy the initial FGM requirement by attending the in-person General Workshop.

PIs whose funds are received by and disbursed through the Office of Sponsored Programs and Grant and Contract Accounting are required to attend FGM, as detailed above, including PIs located at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Veterans' Hospital, and any other affiliated research center.

Others who may attend FGM:

Program History

In 1994, the University President, Provost, and Executive Vice President approved the Faculty Grants Management Program to assist Principal Investigators and researchers with the fiscal aspects of grants management.

FGM participation has resulted in a decline in negative audit findings in recent years. Additionally, there have been improvements in efficiency and productivity, and a large reduction in requests to remove un-allocable and unallowable charges during the term of the grant.

The UW has received national recognition for FGM. The UW was honored with a 1996 Resource Enhancement Award from the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) for program development and demonstrated improvements in efficiency, productivity, and reduction of audit deficiencies. The NACUBO Award brought national attention to the program, which has become a model for other institutions.

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