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POD Certificate Program

Pursuing a certificate through Professional & Organizational Development (POD) provides you with a learning path, allows you to develop key skills and knowledge in a specific area, and counts toward six months of experience when applying for related UW positions.


Fiscal Management Certificate. Designed for those currently working, or aspiring to work, with UW fiscal matters: Expand your knowledge of UW fiscal management and procedures through courses taught by UW staff with expertise in this field.

Human Resources Administration Certificate. Appropriate for supervisors, those who support HR functions, or those who seek an HR-related position: Gain expertise in, and increase your understanding of, the management of human resources within the UW system.

Supervisory Skills Certificate. Targeted to current or aspiring supervisors, managers, and leaders: Learn how to work with, motivate, and develop individuals and teams through courses that explore current concepts and provide opportunities for growth.


To earn a certificate, you must first enroll in the Certificate Program.

See the following Curriculum Guides for certificate requirements. You can also print Curriculum Guides and use them as a tool to track your progress through a certificate.

Email with your certificate questions; your question may be forwarded to a certificate advisor as needed.

If you're not currently interested in pursuing a certificate, you can use the Curriculum Guides above to find appropriate courses or plan your professional development.


Certificate Credit & Completion

UW Human Resources employment specialists and recruiters will credit successful completion of a certificate as equivalent to six months' experience for related positions at UW. This experience will be considered when determining if an applicant meets the minimum qualifications for a related position at UW.  For example, for someone who has completed the Fiscal Management Certificate, a “related position” would be a fiscal position.

All certificate requirements must be fulfilled within five years. Courses completed more than five years ago must be taken again in order to count toward your certificate.

Receiving a Certificate

Upon completing certificate requirements, email for a training history review. Include:

If you've satisfied all certificate requirements, POD will present you with a letter and formal certificate. (You’ll be contacted if you have not completed all requirements.)

Please note:

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