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Professional & Organizational Development

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New Employees

Find out about professional development resources available to you. New Employee Resources


Discover how to condense meeting hours into minutes! Learn tools and techniques for preparing to take notes, organizing material, and presenting meeting notes effectively. Writing Minutes and Meeting Notes

For those who work with a great deal of information in a variety of formats, this live webinar focuses on creating a totally organized environment that optimizes productivity. POD Webinar: Total Organization

Leaders at all Levels

Are you and your team ready for better communication, reduced conflict, and a stronger commitment to one another and to individual and shared goals? Learn to build a trusting culture through core leadership principles, behaviors, and processes. The Trust Advantage

Gain knowledge of the policies, regulations, and procedures for post-award financial administration of grant and contract budgets, and discover where to find related rules and regulations. Grant and Contract Fiscal Administration: Compliance