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Excess & Supplemental Comp. Earn Codes

ADS Administrative Supplement
AUX Auxiliary Pay
AWD Award (NonStudent)
AWO Student Award w/OASI (Social Security taxes deducted)
AWU Student Award w/o OASI (No Social Security taxes deducted)
E/C Excess Compensation
ECH Excess Compensation Hourly
ENS Endowed Supplement
H/S Holiday Straight Time (Medical Centers only)
PLN Pay in Lieu of Notice
RET UWRP (UW Retirement Plan)
S/T Straight Time
SFF Student Flat Fee Earnings w/o OASI (No Social Security taxes deducted)
SFO Student Flat Fee w/OASI (Social Security taxes deducted)
SIA Student Incentive Award w/o OASI
SIO Student Incentive Award w/ OASI
STP Stipends/Fellowship
SUM Summer Earnings
SWB Stipend With Benefits
TCH Temporary Excess Compensation Hourly
TEC Temporary Extra Compensation
TPI Temporary Pay Increase - Professional Staff
TPS Temporary Supplement
TSI Temporary Salary Increase
URD Unrelated Duties Earnings

Earn Types by
Employment Category