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UW - WSNA Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 20 - Posting, Transfer, Promotions, Reallocation

20.1 Posting.
When a job opening occurs on a unit, it will be posted on the unit for seven days per agreed upon unit procedures, e.g. e-mail, posting notebook, bulletin board. After seven days, the position will be posted house-wide in addition to being posted externally

20.2 Internal Unit Transfer.
Nurses who are regularly assigned to a specific unit will be given preferential consideration for transfer to other shifts or positions in that unit before other nurses except more senior nurses returning from layoff status to a previous unit and shift.

Unit employees shall request in writing to the Nurse Manager transfer to the vacant position. Applicants will be notified in writing of the status of their application in a timely manner. The Nurse Manager will consider the RN's request for the position. Appointments shall be made on the basis of the requirements of the position and the applicant's qualifications. All other factors relevant to the position being equal, seniority will be the determinant in such decisions.

20.3 Transfer To Another Unit.
Requests for transfer to another unit should be submitted in UWHIRES on-line. Transfer requests will be forwarded to the Nurse Manager for review prior to filling the vacant position through the transfer or promotional process. A good faith effort will be made to facilitate lateral transfers from one unit to another. All other factors relevant to the position being equal, seniority will be the determinant in such decisions.

20.4 Promotions.
Applications for promotions should be submitted in UWHIRES on-line during the period of official posting. Promotional openings will be posted for a minimum of seven calendar days in the unit, Nursing Personnel, the Nursing and Outpatient administrative office and the Personnel Department.

20.5 Reallocation.
A reallocation (reclassification) shall not alter a nurse's anniversary date for purposes of accrual of benefits or placement in the salary schedule, except when the nurse is at the top of the range at the time of reallocation.

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