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UW - WSNA Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 6 - Bargaining Unit Classes/Definitions

6.1 Classes.
Employment classes (Appendix I) utilized in the bargaining unit are as follows:

8895 Registered Nurse 2 (Staff Nurse)
8896 Registered Nurse 3

Class Specifications are attached as Appendix I.

6.2 Full-Time Nurse.
A registered nurse who is classified staff at 1.0 FTE and is regularly scheduled on a forty hour week in a seven day period, or an eighty hour week schedule in a fourteen day period, or one hundred sixty hours in a four week period.

6.3 Part-Time Nurse.
A registered nurse who is classified staff at .5 FTE but less than 1.0 FTE and is regularly scheduled to work a minimum of twenty hours in a seven-day period, or a minimum of forty hours in a fourteen-day period, or a minimum of eighty hours in a four week period. Part-time nurses receive prorated salaries and benefits.

6.4 Per Diem Nurse.
A nurse in a nursing position who does not qualify as a classified staff nurse. Employment will conform to the rules on temporary employment. Per diem nurses are temporary employees not covered by the terms of this labor agreement.

The Association will be provided with quarterly reports on the use of per diem nurses used by unit and number of hours for the period covered by the report.

6.5 Use of Agency Nurses.
It is the intent of the University of Washington Medical Center to minimize the employment of agency nurses. The Medical Center will continue its efforts to recruit and retain a broad base of regular full-time and/or part-time classified nurses. Nursing Administration retains the flexibility to utilize Agency nurses to meet patient care needs.

6.6 Licensure.
Nurses are expected to update and maintain current their licenses to practice nursing.

6.7 Probationary Period.
The initial six (6) month period of employment following appointment to a position covered by this contract. Any paid or unpaid leave taken during the probationary period will extend the period for an amount of time equal to the leave. The Medical Center will notify any nurse subject to such an extension in writing of the extended end date of the nurse's probationary period. Employees in probationary status will earn seniority from their initial date of hire but may not exercise seniority rights until completion of the probationary period. Probationary employees are not eligible for layoff or rehire rights.

The Medical Center may reject an employee during the probationary period. Probationary period rejections are not subject to the grievance procedure contained in this contract.

Nurses will be provided a documented evaluation approximately three (3) months into their probationary period. After successfully completing the probationary period, the nurse shall be considered permanent.

6.8 New Graduate/Returning Nurse.
A registered nurse whose clinical experience after graduation is less than six months, or a registered nurse who is returning to practice with no current clinical training or experience shall be assigned as a team member under the close and direct supervision of a qualified nurse and shall be responsible for the direct care of patients with increasing complexity as individual RN competency level increases. This status generally shall not exceed six continuous months.

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