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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Police Management Bargaining Unit Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 10 - Vacations

10.1 Accrual.
Employees will accrue vacation leave during the new hire probationary period, but may not use vacation leave until completion of the probationary period. The current accrual schedule for full-time employees (prorated for part-time), to be credited monthly, is as follows:

During Paid Vacation Days Hours
1st year1296
2nd year13104
3rd year14112
4th year15120
5th year16128
6th year17136
7th year18144
8th year19152
9th year20160
10th year21168
11th year22176
12th year23184

10.2 Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the annual vacation schedule in each work unit shall be established as follows:

  1. Twice each year, on or about April 1 and October 1, a vacation request sheet shall be circulated to the bargaining unit employees. Each employee shall be given the opportunity to indicate his or her preference of a vacation time period. Supervision shall endeavor to schedule vacations according to the employee's wishes. In the event that two or more bargaining unit employees from the same or different shifts request the same vacation period and supervision must limit the number of persons who may take leave at one time due to work requirements, the person with the longest continuous service in that work unit shall be given preference.
  2. Supervision shall post the vacation schedule by May 1 and November 1, which shall remain in effect for each succeeding six (6) months period, that is, June 1 through November 30, and December 1 through May 31, respectively. Individual vacation periods may be changed at any time by mutual agreement between the employee(s) concerned and supervision. However, in no case shall an employee's scheduled vacation interfere with the necessary work of the organization, the determination of which shall rest with supervision.

10.3 Any bargaining unit employee who may be transferred to another work unit or removed from the bargaining unit by promotion or transfer shall alter his/her preferred vacation period if in conflict with a previously established vacation schedule.

10.4 Vacation Denial.
When an employee's vacation cannot be approved, the supervisor shall schedule the employee's vacation at the next earliest date requested by the employee and deemed possible by the supervisor. In the event that the University cancels a scheduled vacation, and an employee's maximum balance will be reached, the employee's vacation balance will be permitted to exceed the allowable maximum and the employee will continue to accrue vacation for a period of up to six (6) months in order to allow rescheduling of the employee's vacation.

10.5 Holiday Rotation.
Vacation requests filed in accordance with 10.2 for the week including Thanksgiving and the weeks including Christmas Day and New Years Day shall be granted on a rotating basis. The rotation will begin with the most senior person (seniority shall be determined by the method contained in 17.1.(a)) and shall proceed in that order until all staff wishing to take vacation leave during those holiday periods have done so. No employee shall be granted more than one (1) of the aforementioned weeks in a single year, unless there are no other interested employees and the department is able to grant the request based on operational needs.

10.6 Vacation Leave Accumulation.
An employee may accumulate a vacation balance which normally shall not exceed two hundred forty (240) hours. An employee may elect to accrue in excess of two hundred forty (240) hours but must receive approval to use the excess balance prior to the next anniversary date or lose those hours accrued in excess of two hundred forty (240).

10.7 Vacation Leave Cash Payment.
Any permanent employee who resigns or retires, is laid-off or is terminated by the University shall be entitled to accrued vacation pay.

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