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UW - UAW Local 4121 Contract

Effective 05/01/2015 - 4/30/2018

Article 21 - Personnel Files

Section 1. ASEs and the Union shall be notified of the identity of the custodian of their personnel files. A notice specifying the location of the official personnel file(s) shall be posted in each Department or comparable unit. The personnel file should exclude all academic records and academic applications submitted to the University.

Section 2. ASEs shall have the right to examine all materials contained in their personnel file and, upon request, shall be provided a copy of any materials in that file. The personnel file shall be made available for review within three (3) working days of the request.

Section 3. ASEs shall have the right to request removal or correction of inaccurate materials from their personnel files, attach a concise statement in response to any item in the files, and/or seek removal of inappropriate material from the files.

Section 4. No reference to grievances shall be placed in an individual's personnel file.

Section 5. All materials in the personnel file of an ASE, including supervisory job performance evaluations, shall be confidential except as required to be publicly available under State and/or Federal law. The University will limit access to student evaluations to those undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and faculty, with UW Net ID.

Section 6. The Union shall be provided access to bargaining unit member personnel files with the written consent of the individual ASE. A copy shall be provided upon request.

Section 7. Rights established in this Article are conferred on the ASE while in the bargaining unit, regardless of current employment status as an ASE.

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