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UW - UAW Local 4121 Contract

Effective 05/01/2015 - 4/30/2018

Article 16 - Leaves of Absence

Section 1. Medical Leave/Family Leave/Childbirth/Adoption.
The University will grant an ASE's reasonable request for leave of absence for appropriate duration due to:

  1. personal illness and/or disability;
  2. care of a family member as defined below in Section 2, childbirth, or adoption;
  3. bereavement due to the death of a family member as defined in Section 2. Appropriate documentation may be required for leaves under Section 1 (A) and (B).

Section 2. Definition of Family Member.
Individuals considered to be members of the family are mother, father, sister, brother, parent-in-law, spouse, domestic partner, parent of domestic partner, grandparent, grandchild, child, step or foster child (including children of domestic partner).

Section 3. Paid Leave.
Such leaves shall be paid leaves for Salaried ASEs, and shall be unpaid for Hourly ASEs. The period of paid leave under Section 1 (A) and (B) shall generally be no more than seven (four hour) days per year for an ASE whose appointment is 50% FTE for the academic year or longer. For ASEs who are employed for fewer than three quarters or are employed for less than 50% FTE, the amount of paid leave as covered in Section 1 (A) and (B) will be prorated. The period of leave for bereavement (Section 1 (C)) shall be 3 days per occurrence.

Section 4. Unpaid Leave.
Unpaid leave may be granted for periods beyond the terms of leaves in Section 3, but shall not exceed the end of the appointment period. These leaves may be paid (in whole or in part) for reasons as defined in Section 1 and at the sole discretion of the Department or Hiring Unit. An ASE whose appointment is 50% FTE for the academic year or longer shall be eligible to use up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid leave, during which the University shall provide health insurance coverage, for circumstances identified in Section 1 (A) and (B). For ASEs who are employed for fewer than three quarters, the amount of unpaid leave as covered under Section 1 (A) and (B) will be prorated. ASEs shall not be required to register for any tuition credits during their leave period. During the leave period the ASE will continue to be responsible for their portion of the dependent coverage premium.

Section 5. Child Care Emergency.
A child care emergency is defined as a situation causing an employee's inability to report for or continue scheduled work because of emergency child care requirements such as unexpected absence of regular care provider, unexpected closure of the child's school, or unexpected need to pick up child at school earlier than normal. ASEs shall be authorized to use one (1) paid leave of absence day (as specified in Section 3 above) per year for child care emergencies. In addition to paid leave (as outlined in Section 3 above) ASEs shall be granted one (1) four hour paid leave of absence day for childcare emergencies.

Section 6. Coverage During Leave.
In order to ensure proper coverage, it is the responsibility of the ASE to contact the appropriate faculty member or other supervisor in advance of the leave, unless not possible. If applicable, such notification will include appropriate medical documentation and projected return date. While it is the University's responsibility to make alternative arrangements to cover the assignment, the ASE will assist as reasonably possible.

Section 7. Military Leave.
An ASE shall have those rights provided by law for military leave.

Section 8. Jury Duty.
An ASE shall not have any reduction of stipend or pay due to jury duty service, or if subpoenaed to serve as a witness in a legal proceeding in which the ASE is not a party to the dispute. To the extent permitted by law, an ASE shall request a postponement of jury service if requested to do so by their department or program. An ASE shall advise their supervisor of their receipt of notice for jury service as soon as reasonably possible.

Section 9. Other Leaves.
The determination of whether to approve other requests for an unpaid leave shall be made by the University.

Section 10. Appropriate usage of any of the above leaves shall have no impact on decisions concerning re-appointment or transfer of an ASE.

Section 11. Leave Without Pay for Reasons of Faith or Conscience.
Leave without pay will be granted for reasons of faith and/or conscience for up to two (2) workdays per year as provided below:

  1. Leave without pay will be granted for up to two (2) workdays per calendar year for reasons of faith and/or conscience and/or an organized activity conducted under the auspices of religious denomination, church (or other religious organization), or other organizations of conscience. Leave without pay may only be denied if the employee's absence would impose an undue hardship on the Employer as defined by Chapter 82-56 WAC or if the employee is necessary to maintain public safety.
  2. The Employer will allow an employee to use a personal holiday (if eligible per Article 10, Section 2), or vacation leave in lieu of leave without pay. All requests to use a personal holiday or vacation leave must indicate that the leave is being used in lieu of leave without pay for a reason of faith or conscience.
  3. Personal Holidays may only be used in eight (8) hour increments.
  4. Employees will only be required to identify that the request for leave is for a reason of faith or conscience.

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