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UW - UAW Local 4121 Contract

Effective 05/01/2015 - 4/30/2018

Article 14 - Job Titles and Classifications

Section 1. Effective Autumn Quarter 2004, ASEs will be placed into titles and pay classifications based on the nature of job duties and qualifications as follows:

Title/Pay Classification Occupation Code Salary Job Duties Standard Qualifications
Reader/Grader 0886 Hourly Range Non-teaching/research academic assistance Undergraduate or Graduate Student
Tutor 0887 Hourly Range Tutoring Undergraduate or Graduate Student
UG Teaching Assistant 0868 Hourly Range Assist in teaching Undergraduate Student
UG Research Assistant 0869 Hourly Range Assist in research Undergraduate Student
Stipend Grad Trainee C 0859 Stipend per Grant Research Graduate
Teaching Assistant 0817 Base Teaching Premaster
Predoctoral Teaching Associate I 0816 Base + 7.5% Teaching Postmaster or equivalent
Predoctoral Teaching Associate II 0815 PDTA I + 7.5% Teaching Candidate
Predoctoral Instructor 0804 PDTA II Minimum Teaching own class Candidate
Predoctoral Lecturer 0805 PDTA II Minimum Teaching own class Pre-candidate & previous appointment as Assistant Professor or equivalent
Research Assistant 0847 Base Research Premaster
Predoctoral Research Associate I 0846 Base + 7.5% Research Postmaster or equivalent
Predoctoral Research Associate II 0845 PDRA I + 7.5% Research Candidate
Predoctoral Researcher 0844 PDRA II Minimum Research Individually determined
Staff Assistant 0857 Base Non-teaching/research academic assistance Premaster
Predoctoral Staff Associate I 0856 Base + 7.5% Non-teaching/research academic assistance Postmaster or equivalent
Predoctoral Staff Associate II 0855 PDRA I + 7.5% Non-teaching/research academic assistance Candidate
Summer Only Graduate Research Student Assistant 0854 Hourly Rate based on equivalent %FTE Rate* Research Graduate

*The GRSA Rate shall be calculated by multiplying the monthly salary for a %FTE Research Assistant by three and then dividing the product by 220.

Section 2. ASEs shall be appointed to the highest title and pay classifications for which they are eligible based on job duties, degree standing and experience, as described in Section 1. ASEs may be appointed to a higher title and pay classification at the discretion of the Department or Hiring Unit. In making promotional decisions, Departments and Hiring Units are encouraged to take an ASE's job experience and performance into account as well as degree standing.

Section 3. ASEs who meet the standard qualifications described above and who are assigned to teach their own courses shall be classified for that quarter in either the Pre-doctoral Instructor or Pre-doctoral Lecturer title and pay classification.

Section 4. As soon as practicable, the University and the Union will review and reconcile ASEs who are, among other things:

  1. currently in the Student Assistant title but who should be re-classified into the bargaining unit job titles Reader/Grader, Tutor, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Research Assistant;
  2. currently in the Stipend Grad Trainee A title but who should be re-classified into the bargaining unit job title Stipend Grad Trainee C; or
  3. classified as Fellows who should be in the bargaining unit but who should be re-classified into the appropriate Research or Teaching title.

Section 5. Variable rates are those established at or above PDTAII/PDRAII/PDSAII levels. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit the University's right to add new variable rates in all pay classifications or to change existing variable rates.

Section 6. No modifications or deletions shall be made to the bargaining unit pay classifications and job titles in Section 1 unless they are agreed to by both parties.

Section 7. The parties recognize that certain funding agencies do not allow tuition to be charged to the agency grant or contract. In such cases, the University may compensate the ASE at a pay rate equal to the appropriate salary level plus the operating fee portion of tuition. The ASE will be responsible for payment of tuition to the University.

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