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UW - UAW Local 4121 Contract

Effective 05/01/2015 - 4/30/2018

Article 9 - Health and Safety

Section 1. In compliance with campus health and safety policies and procedures, the University shall make reasonable efforts to maintain in safe working condition the workplace and equipment required to carry out assigned duties.

Section 2. The University shall provide first aid kits, information, and training for all ASEs in workplaces that involve the use of or exposure to hazardous materials or who work in a hazardous environment.

Section 3. ASEs shall not be required to work in conditions that pose an imminent threat to health and safety. All work by an ASE shall be performed in conformity with applicable safety standards. Should an ASE become aware of a condition they believe is unhealthy or dangerous, they shall immediately report the condition to a supervisor and/or the Environmental Health and Safety Department.

Section 4. The University shall supply and maintain all equipment, tools, and materials needed to carry out job duties safely.

Section 5. The University shall make reasonable effort to provide and maintain safe buildings and facilities. The University shall assess the hazards to which ASEs are exposed and provide appropriate personal protective equipment, including protective safety glasses where necessary.

Section 6. The University shall make available training to all ASEs in first aid, CPR, use of fire extinguishers, and disaster preparedness.

Section 7. The University will provide as much advance notice as possible to ASEs likely to be affected by an asbestos removal project.

Section 8. The University shall provide the Union with a position on the University-wide health and safety committee. The Union-Management Committee shall also be empowered to discuss health and safety issues.

Section 9. For ASEs with a disability, the University will provide job related furniture and equipment that would constitute a reasonable accommodation for the disability.

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