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UW - Teamsters Local Union No. 117 Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 13 - Uniforms/Personal Items

13.1 Uniforms/Equipment.
The Department shall issue to each employee the following items:

Name Tags2
Shirts3 long sleeve, 3 short sleeve
Trousers3 pair
Trousers Belt1
Tie Bar1
Flat Badge with wallet1
Shoulder Patches7 pair
Badges3 (1 hat, 1 uniform, 1 wallet)
Rain Coat1
Jacket (with liner)1
Gun Belt and Holster1
Ammunition Holders 3
Handcuffs and holder1
Chemical Irritant2
Body Armor1
Defensive Baton1
Taser (as available/if necessary)1
Load Bearing Suspenders(based on Officer request)

In accordance with Department policy, the Employer agrees to replace items on the above list when they become damaged or worn. In addition, the Employer agrees to provide all equipment necessary for specialized assignments.

13.2 Personal Items.
In accordance with Departmental policy, employees will be reimbursed for personal items lost, damaged, or destroyed in the line of duty.

13.3 Cleaning Allowance. The University will pay for the cleaning of Department issued uniforms, as well as for necessary work clothing requiring cleaning worn by Officers assigned to non-uniform assignments.

13.4 Non-Uniformed Assignment Clothing Allowance.
The University will provide a clothing allowance of three hundred dollars ($300) per calendar year for Officers while they are assigned to non-uniform assignments.

13.5 A uniform committee shall be convened with three (3) Union members and two (2) other employees selected by the Department. The committee will make recommendations regarding uniform selection.

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