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Human Resources Contacts
Campus HR Operations

Campus HR Operations is moving!

Address Until May 15, 2015:
UW Tower, C-1
Box 359532
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98195-9532

Address After May 18, 2015:
Roosevelt Commons West, 2nd Floor
Box 354963
4300 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105-4963

206-543-2354 (v) / 206-685-0636 (fax)

Assistant Vice President

Erin Rice Assistant Vice President of Campus HR Operations 206-897-1670
Betty Cron HR Assistant 206-543-2354
Lisa Galvin Records Assistant 206-616-4278
Heather Harvey Office Manager 206-685-1516
Leigh Ann Novielli Help Desk Specialist 206-543-3652

Employee Relations

Lisa Hanna Director of Employee Relations 206-685-7575
Rennison (Renni) Bispham HR Consultant 206-685-7576
Maria Card HR Consultant 206-685-7578
Caroline Currin HR Consultant 206-685-7577
Joel Hawkins HR Consultant 206-685-4721
Beverly Page HR Consultant 206-543-6330
Lynn Perry HR Consultant 206-543-2284
Lauren Sindelar HR Consultant 206-616-4433
JoAnn Wuitschick HR Consultant 206-543-1501

Leave Management

Chris Pierce Leave Specialist 206-616-4434
Becky Seliga Leave Specialist 206-543-9407

Recruitment & Staffing

Michael Campbell Assistant Director 206-221-4847
Linda Anderson Employment Specialist 206-543-0285
Danielle Apgood HR Consultant Assistant II 206-221-7823
Andres Boyer Employment Specialist 206-221-2085
Aaron Hinkhouse HR Consultant Assistant II 206-685-2176
Lacey Johnston Employment Specialist 206-221-7823
Elijah Keimig HR Consultant Assistant II 206-897-1897
Alberto Lacao, Jr. HR Consultant Assistant II 206-685-7636
Sabina McCoy Employment Specialist 206-616-1724
Joanie Moran Recruiter 206-685-2528
Theresa Shetty Recruiter 206-543-1482
Harry Vincent Employment Specialist 206-685-1923