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Preparing to Retire
Retiring Under TRS 1 Rules



Under TRS 1, you are eligible for a service retirement if you are:


Steps to Retire

Use the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) Planning Checklist to create a personal planning calendar that includes DRS's recommended steps, preferably at least two years from retirement.

Use the UW Retirement Check List to add important UW recommended steps, preferably at least one year from retirement. Contacts and resources are listed on page 2 of the Check List. (Disregard steps tagged "for UWRP Participants" unless you are a current participant in the UWRP.)

Please keep both check lists for your reference.


Considering a return to work after retirement? Returning to work after retirement requires a minimum of one full calendar month break in service after retirement, and may require up to 90 days. There are no exceptions. In addition there are restrictions on post-retirement employment. Failure to understand and track post-retirement employment limits can result in the retiree’s loss of pension. Learn more about post-retirement employment rules for Washington State retirees (including UW employees).