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Graduate Appointee Insurance Program
(GAIP) - Mail Order Prescription Drug Plan

Drugs prescribed by your physician that you take on a regular basis and which are determined to be eligible by LifeWise Assurance Company, are available at a discounted co-pay through Rubenstein Pharmacy at Hall Health. The mail order option uses the same formulary list as the regular Rubenstein prescription plan, but offers the convenience of delivery by mail. More information about the mail order prescription drug plan is found in the Prescription Drug/Pharmacy Plan Summary.

To order prescriptions, first read and agree to the Hall Health Mail Order Program Agreement, then complete the Mail Order Patient Registration Form. The pharmacy will also need the following to process a mail order request and subsequent refills:

Prescriptions must be dropped off in person or mailed in to Rubenstein Pharmacy. Mail order prescriptions must be paid for by debit or credit. Checks of any kind will not be accepted for mail order prescriptions. Patients should allow 7-10 working days after the pharmacy receives the prescription for the drugs to arrive via U.S. Mail. If an alternate means of delivery is required or requested, an additional shipping and handling fee may apply.

Rubenstein Pharmacy reserves the right to contact the prescribing physician to confirm the need for maintenance medication and the right to verify future GAIP eligibility.