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Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP)
Enrollment, Deadlines & Coverage

Enrollment Deadline for Dependents

All eligible graduate appointees, fellows, and trainees with stipends are automatically enrolled in Student-Only GAIP coverage by the plan administrator, LifeWise Assurance Company. Upon your enrollment, LifeWise will send you a "welcome" letter and an email confirmation which includes important instructions on enrolling dependents. It is your responsibility to enroll your eligible dependents on or before the enrollment deadline (see chart below). You do not need to re-enroll your dependents within the same plan year if the coverage is continuous from one quarter to the next. However, all eligible appointees, fellows, and trainees with stipends must re-enroll their dependents every fall quarter and/or after a break in UW-paid GAIP coverage.

Quarter Coverage Periods Online Enrollment Deadline
Fall October 1 - December 31 October 31
Winter January 1 - March 31 January 31
Spring April 1 - June 30 April 30
Summer July 1 - September 30 June 30

Coverage Periods

GAIP coverage is provided in full-month increments. The table below shows the overlap between pay periods and coverage periods by quarter:

Quarter Pay Periods Coverage Period
Fall September 16 - December 15 October 1 - December 31
Winter December 16 - March 15 January 1 - March 31
Spring March 16 - June 15 April 1 - June 30
Summer June 16 - September 15 July 1 - September 30

When Coverage Begins

In most cases, your coverage will begin on the first day of the coverage period. However, if your appointment begins after the first working day of the coverage period, your coverage will begin the first day of the following month. For example, if your appointment begins October 15 for fall quarter, your coverage will begin November 1.

When Your Coverage Ends

In most cases, your coverage ends on the last day of the last month in which your graduate appointment ends. However, your coverage may continue under the following circumstances:

When Dependent Coverage Ends

In most cases, your dependent coverage stops at the end of the month in which your graduate appointment ends, however it will also stop at the end of the month in which any of these events occurred:

Enroll a New Dependent Mid-Quarter

If you experience a mid-quarter qualifying event such as a marriage, birth, or adoption, see Enrolling a Dependent Mid-Quarter.