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Change Insurance Coverage
for Faculty, Staff, & Librarians


It's important that your insurance coverage meets the changing demands in your life. As such, it's also important to know when the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) allows or requires you, the subscriber, to make changes to your insurance coverage for yourself, a spouse or qualified domestic partner, and your dependents. Additional documentation may be required when adding or removing dependents from coverage.

When Changes are Required

There are times when PEBB requires that you make changes to your insurance coverage. A typical example is when a dependent loses eligibility for PEBB coverage due to a divorce, annulment, dissolution of registered domestic partnership or a child dependent ceases to be eligible. Once a dependent becomes ineligible for PEBB coverage, you must remove her/him from your plan no later than 60 days after the date this dependent no longer meets the PEBB’s eligibility criteria. For more information, see Dependent Loses PEBB Eligibility.

When Changes are Allowed

Here are two other times when PEBB allows you to make changes to your insurance coverage for yourself, a spouse or qualified domestic partner, and your dependents:

During Annual Open Enrollment

You may change your medical and dental insurance coverage for any reason during a one-month open enrollment period each fall. During Open enrollment, you may also enroll in the medical Flexible Spending Account program and/or in the Dependent Care Assistance Program. The changes you make are effective the following January 1. Learn more.

After a Special Open Enrollment Event

You may change your coverage outside of annual open enrollment when an eligible event creates a “special open enrollment” as allowed by the Internal Revenue Code. The change must correspond to the event that created the special open enrollment for you or your dependent. Learn more.

Changes Allowed Any Time

Actions you can take any time—without waiting for open enrollment to occur—are as follows:

Changing Enrollment