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Change Insurance Coverage
When Dependent Loses PEBB Eligibility


When a dependent who is enrolled under your health plan no longer meets the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) eligibility criteria, you must remove her/him from your PEBB insurance plans no later than 60 days after your dependent becomes ineligible for coverage. Events that cause ineligibility include divorce, annulment, or domestic partnership dissolution. Also, when a dependent child reaches age 26 or a dependent dies, loss of eligibility occurs.

Failure to notify UW Benefits within 60 days after your dependent loses her/his eligibility, may result in the following consequences to you:


  1. Complete and submit an Employee Enrollment/Change Form to UW Benefits to remove your dependent from your plans effective the last day of the month in which he/she ceases to meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Remove your former spouse/partner or ineligible dependents from your life insurance coverage by completing the Life Insurance Enrollment/Change Form. Update your beneficiaries, if necessary.


WAC 182-12-250 or WAC 182-12-260

Disclaimer: The Qualifying Life Event(s) shown above highlights benefit options arising from a change in family status. It does not substitute for official plan documents. If there is a conflict between the information on this site and an official plan document, the official plan document will govern. Plan availability and eligibility may change depending on your employment status and/or actions of the Washington State Health Care Authority.

Changing Enrollment