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Meany Hall 9-K



General view from "Red Square"

Entrances #1, #23 and #24 to main lobby

General view Entrances #1, #23, and #24

Meany Hall 9-K

General: Meany Hall (College of Arts & Sciences) is the major performance hall for campus and visiting artists. Also located here are the departmental offices for the Dance Program, rehearsal halls and dance studios.

Parking: Central Plaza Garage is closest and has wheelchair and disability parking on levels C1 and C2.

Dial-A-Ride: Stop #25 Is located in Central Plaza Garage (underground), C1 level, near Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

Stop #91 Is located at Entrance #7.

Stop #106 Is located on George Washington Lane at the Henry Art Gallery.

Entrances: Entrance #1, to the main lobby has a level approach, 35.5" doorways, and pull handle. Consider Entrance #24 for wheelchair accessibility.

Entrance #7 to the lower level at the back of the house area has a level approach and is on an accessible route, has double 37.5" doorways with an automatic door openers.

Entrance #15 to the administrative offices and upper level of Dance Program has a level approach, a 34.5" doorway, and a pull handle.

Entrance #18 to the Green Room lobby has a level approach, a 35" doorway, and pull handles. This entrance is only accessible from the Central Parking Garage C1 Level.

Entrance #23 has a level approach, a 37" doorway, and an automatic door with paddle control. This entrance sits in a deep, narrow recess without clearance at sides of door.

Entrance #24 to the ticket office and main lobby has a level approach, a 36" doorway, and an automatic door with paddle controls.

Elevator(s): Elevators #188 and #189 east of the main lobby serve the Central Plaza Garage. Highest button 38", Braille markers.

Elevator #190 located west of the main lobby serves the mezzanine and the main floor. (Unavailable to public)

Elevator #191 serves the Dance Studio. Highest button 60", Braille markers

Wheelchair lift (WCL #6) serves the Green Room from the main lobby. Lift has a capacity of 450 lbs. platform is 30" x 48".

Restrooms: Most accessible restrooms for men and women are located on the lower level. Accessible unisex restroom located close to elevator #191 near the dance studios.

Fountain: Lower lobby northeast, spout height 41". Lower lobby southwest, 43". Main lobby east, 40.5". Upper mezzanine, 41.5" and 40.5". Studio level north, 41.5". Upper level northeast, 43".

Telephone: Pay phone main lobby north, height to coin slot 64", side approach.  No campus phones.

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