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Intramural Activities Building (IMA) 12-Q



General view from Montlake Blvd

Entrance #1 to main floor

General view Entrance #1

Intramural Activities Building (IMA) 12-Q

General: The Intramural Activities Building or IMA (Recreational Sports) is the main student owned recreational sports facility housing a swimming pool; basketball, volleyball, handball, and racquetball courts; weight training facilities; tennis courts and aerobics facilities.

Parking: Off-street pay parking is located in front of IMA with disability parking.

Lot E9 has wheelchair and disability parking.

Dial-A-Ride: Stop #55 is located off Montlake Boulevard at the entrance walk to Intramural Activities Building.

Entrances: Entrance #1 to the building lobby has a pair of doors with automatic operators and paddle controls.

Elevator(s): Elevator #82 serves both floors, highest button 48", Braille markers are incomplete.

Elevator #261 serves the gym and track.

Restrooms: The most accessible restroom for men and women near the entrance.

Fountain: 1st, 2nd floors, spout heights 39".

Telephone: Ask at the entrance.

Pool: There is a "lift" available for placing persons into the pool.

Food Service: The Dawg Bite Cafe is located on the first floor.

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