Lesson 2: Creating Your Own Navigation System


In the previous lesson you learned about organizing the information on a website, and assuring that websites are usable so that visitors can easily navigate the site, easily access information, and easily perform the site's intended functions. One common feature on websites that plays a key role in making sites usable is the site's navigational menu. In this lesson, you will create a navigational menu for your portfolio website.

Learner Ouctomes

At the completion of this exercise, you will be able to:


Earlier in this course, you built and have been maintaining a structured XHTML list of required projects on your portfolio site. This same list could be used to build a navigation system for your portfolio site. However, the items in the current list are fairly verbose, so in this lesson you'll create a new simple list to use as a navigation menu. This will allow users to move quickly from page to page within your website.

All done?

Show your instructor all the web pages of your portfolio; they should all now have an unordered list of web pages (your navigational menu) at the top.