Lesson 1: Basic Image Manipulation


In this lesson, students will learn some basic image manipulation techniques to produce web graphics. Students will learn how to move objects, copy and paste, scale, transform, and skew and distort objects.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this exercise, you will be able to:


  1. Read Basic Image Manipulation, then wait for your instructor to demonstrate how each of these tools works in your graphics software. After you have been shown how to use the tools, you will attempt to draw a three dimensional box, like the ones shown below, using the different tools. Start off by drawing a simple square. Then, make two copies of that square and position one above the first square and one to the side of it. Then, using scale and skew or distort, adjust the dimensions of the two copied squares so that they form the shape of a box. Once your box is completed, try adding text to the side or top of the box. First, create the basic text just as you have done before. Then, use the skew or distort functions to transform the text so that it appears to be written on the box.
    picture of two 3-D boxes
  2. Create a new section in your unit4.htm page with heading "3-D Box". Display your new image in this section. Add a named anchor within the heading tags, and link to it from your portfolio home page.

Resources/Online Documents

All done?

Show your completed work to your instructor. Then procede to the next lesson.