Lesson 2: Selecting a Color Scheme


The purpose of this lesson is to apply knowledge learned in Lesson 1 toward color selection for a website.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this exercise:


  1. Color theory consists of some very basic principles. Once you know these principles, working with colors will be demystified. The basic color principles are listed below, along with websites for you to investigate. Visit the sites and read the information carefully, because you will be expected to apply the concepts by the end of this lesson.
  2. The colors you select for a site should be suitable to the site's purpose. Also, your client may have an image or reputation she or he wishes to project. Appropriately chosen color schemes can support the site's overall purpose and reinforce a desirable image. From the list below choose one of these fictitious clients. Consider the image or reputation the client wants to promote, as well as their purpose (to welcome/ introduce, to sell, to gain customer confidence, to inform, etc.) Use the Color Scheme Designer to pick an entire color scheme for one client.
    • kindergarten teacher
    • medical clinic
    • lanscape architect
    • bank
  3. Either write or type the list of colors you chose. Be sure to list the following:
    • text color
    • background color
    • main color in the banner and other key images
    • navigation color
  4. Also state what type of color scheme you chose (monochromatic, analogous, etc.) and why you felt it was appropriate for that client.

Resources/Online Documents

All done?

Have your instructor review your list of colors and your choice and rationale for choosing the color scheme.