Student Lessons

All lessons in this course are listed below, organized by unit and module. Lessons and their assignments are also listed in the Student Assignment Checklist, which must be completed regularly and turned in to your instructor.

Unit 1: Designing and Planning Web Pages

Module 1: Website Evaluation and Rubric Creation

Module 2: Color Theory

Module 3: Web Standards & Accessible Design

Module 4: Planning a Website

Unit 2: Creating Pages with HTML

Module 1: Pre-Coding

Module 2: Basic HTML Markup

Module 3: HTML Lists

Module 4: Creating Links

Module 5: Creating a Data Table

Unit 3: Formatting Web Pages with Style Sheets

Module 1: Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Module 2: Page Layout Techniques

Unit 4: Graphics

Module 1: Introduction to Web Graphics

Module 2: Creating a Web Photo Album

Module 3: Creating Navigation Buttons

Module 4: Creating a Web Page Banner

Unit 5: Overall Site Design and Management

Module 1: Website Navigational Systems

Module 2: Using an external style sheet

Module 3: Scripts and Server-side technologies

Module 4: Validating a Website

Unit 6: Introduction to Web Authoring Software

Module 1: Creating a Web Page using Web Authoring Software

Module 2 : Controlling Style using Web Authoring Software

Module 3 : Site Management using Web Authoring Software

Unit 7: Client Website

Module 1: Client Website