Student Assignment Checklist

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Unit Module Lesson Assignment Date Completed Instructor's Initials
1: Designing and Planning Web Pages 1: Website Evaluation and Rubric Creation 1: Surveying the Possibilities List of website evaluations    
2: Developing a Website Evaluation Tool Group activity    
2: Color Theory 1: Color Theory in Web Design Answers to Reading Check    
2: Selecting a Color Scheme List of colors and rationale    
3: Web Standards & Accessible Design 1: Web Standards 5 reasons why to use standards    
2: How People with Disabilities Access the Web Participation in disabilities simulations    
4: Planning a Website 1: Organizing a Website Answers to Reading Check, organized set of cards    
2: Creating Pages with HTML 1: Pre-Coding 1: Pre-coding Sketch of home page and folder structure    
2: Basic HTML Markup 1: Elements of tags Responses to 3 questions    
2: Essential tags Four skeleton pages created    
3: Common tags Index file with required tags    
3: HTML Lists 1: Unordered lists Index file with an unordered list    
2: Ordered lists Index file with an ordered list    
3: Nested lists Index file with a nested list    
4: Creating Links 1: Linking to External Internet sites Index file with a working external link    
2: Linking to Pages Within Your Website Index file with a working internal link    
3: Special Types of Links Index file with jump-to and email link    
5: Creating a Data Table 1: Creating a Data Table Web page with data table    
3: Formatting Web Pages with Style Sheets 1: Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets 1: Anatomy of a Style Index file with style for h1 tag    
2: Applying Styles Index file with additional style    
3: Applying Styles to Data Tables Table file with style added    
2: Page Layout Techniques 1: Layout with CSS Index file with lists in 2 columns using CSS    
2: Layout with Tables Index file with lists in 2 columns using tables    
4: Graphics 1: Introduction to Web Graphics 1: Introduction to Web Graphics Unit4lesson page, with answers to 2 questions    
2: Copyright Law and Graphics on the Web Group activity    
2: Creating a Web Photo Album 1: Understanding Web Graphics Answers to 5 questions added to Unit4lesson page    
2: Acquiring Images for Web Graphics Acquired 3 images    
3: Cropping and Resizing 6 images, 2 different sizes    
4: Adding Images to Your Web Page Photo album complete, link from portfolio    
3: Creating Navigation Buttons 1: Basic Shapes and Colors Basic button shape created    
2: Working With Text Text added to button    
3: Layer Basics Decoration added to button using layers    
4: Optimizing GIF Images 4 buttons added to Unit4lesson page    
4: Creating a Web Page Banner 1: Basic Image Manipulation 3D box with text added to Unit4lesson page    
2: Selection Tools Cutout images created    
3: Layer Effects and Blending Banner completed, inserted into all portfolio pages    
5: Overall Site Design and Management 1: Website Navigational Systems 1: Testing the Usability of Navigational Systems Usability test results added to unit5lessons page    
2: Creating Your Own Navigational System Navigation unordered list created    
2: Using an external style sheet 1: Linking to an External Style Sheet External style sheet created and linked    
2: Stylizing a Navigational Menu A stylized portfolio navigation list    
3: Scripts and Server-side technologies 1: Scripting and the Web 3 websites selected    
2: A Simple Javascript Program Javascript added to any web page    
4: Validating a Website 1: Validating Your HTML All pages validated, W3C logo displayed on home page    
2: Validating Your CSS All pages validated, W3C logo displayed on home page    
3: Validating Your Accessibility All pages validated, report added to unit5lessons page    
6: Introduction to Web Authoring Tools 1: Creating a Web Page using Web Authoring Software 1: Basic Features of Web Authoring Software Practice web page saved    
2 : Controlling Style using Web Authoring Software 1: CSS and Web Authoring Software: Controlling Presentation New stylized version of web page saved    
3 : Site Management with a Web Authoring Software 1: Overview of Site Management Features 5 or more sitewide tests run, reports printed    
7: Client Website 1: Client Website 1: Planning the Client Website Market Analysis worksheet completed, site organized, home page sketched    
2: Constructing the Client Website Client website developed    
3: Quality Control of the Client Website Quality tested, website delivered to client