Accessible Information Technology in Education: Building Toward a Better Future

Information technology (IT) is used in most educational settings. Students use a variety of IT tools such as email, websites, discussion boards, and courseware. They may use IT to attend school from a distance or as an adjunct to traditional classroom attendance. When these tools are accessible they can significantly reduce the effort required of individuals with disabilities and increase access to education. When they are inaccessible, they can block participation by students and faculty with disabilities. This video presents the voices of students with disabilities and experts in accessible IT as they discuss the importance of ensuring that information technology is accessible in educational settings.

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Formats available

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  1. VHS - Price: $10.00 (includes shipping and handling, and Washington State Sales tax)
    • VHS with Closed Captioning. This is a regular VHS tape that can be viewed with or without closed captioning. For audience members who canít hear the sound, closed captioning shows spoken dialogue displayed as printed words on the screen, which are carefully placed to identify speakers, on- and off-screen sound effects, music and laughter. Closed captioning can be turned on or off depending on the needs of your audience members.

    • VHS with Audio Description and Closed Captioning. This version is suitable for audience members who have moderate to severe low vision, or are blind. Audio Description (AD) provides a separate audio narrative that runs between the pauses in the main audio track describing the actions on screen. Please note that AD cannot be turned off in VHS format.

    Both Closed Captioning and Descriptive Video Service formats are available on the same VHS tape, with the CC format playing for the first 11 minutes 35 seconds, and the AD/CC format playing the second 11 minutes 35 seconds.

  2. DVD - Price: $10.00 (includes shipping and handling, and Washington State Sales tax)

    This is a fully accessible DVD that includes talking menus. To accommodate a wide variety of audience members, Audio Description (AD) and Closed Captioning (CC) can be activated by the user.

About the Video

Length: 11 minutes 35 seconds

Content: The video contains 8 parts

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Information Technology (IT)?
  3. How Do People Use IT?
  4. How is IT Used in Schools?
  5. What Happens When IT is Not Accessible?
  6. What Happens When IT is Accessible?
  7. Making IT Accessible
  8. Conclusion

Intended Audiences

This video is intended for educators/instructors, web content developers, administrators, policy makers, advocates, government and others interested in raising awareness of or providing training on accessible information technology in education. Anyone who needs to understand why and how to make information technology accessible to people with disabilities will benefit from the information contained in this video. The video is suitable for non-technical audiences and it can be used by instructors, whether in classrooms or in distance learning, to educate web content developers, administrators, policy makers, and students about the importance and impact of accessible information technology in education.

Streaming Video

The video is available online in either a closed captioned version or an audio described version. Both require Windows Media Player.