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Adding Captions to Videos in MediaAMP

MediaAMP is a secure and scalable cloud platform developed at the University of Washington (UW), offering cloud services and solutions for the management, storage and distribution of digital assets, artifacts, and media.

MediaAMP delivers closed caption subtitles for any media in the system using some of the standard subtitle file formats. However, it is normally necessary for users to manually upload and associate a transcription file provided by a third-party vendor to the appropriate piece of media to accomplish this process. Through a recent partnership with Automatic Sync Technologies (AST), MediaAMP provides an efficient user experience by integrating MediaAMP’s Media Management Services with AST’s CaptionSync console.

This integration provides MediaAMP users with a seamless workflow for transcription and captioning services. Users can request transcription services for content, modify and provide more detailed service requests such as rush orders and additional languages, and access an embedded version of AST’s CaptionSync Console for more granular management of closed caption content. This can all be performed from within the MediaAMP Asset Management Interface with no need to switch between browser windows or tabs.

This integration also allows AST to interact with MediaAMP content in programmatic, round trip workflows: Media files are picked up by AST for processing and closed caption files are posted back to the account after they have been processed. AST programmatically updates content, project status and “Redo” requests (requested via CaptionSync), without any further actions required from the MediaAMP account holder once a request has been made.

This integration provides AST account holders the ability to manage service requests and options as well as monitor the project status from the MediaAMP account. Integration also includes embedded Caption Sync Console access from within the MediaAMP Management Console.

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