Accessible Technology

Adding Captions to Facebook Videos

  1. Log on to your Facebook page and click the “Photo/Video” link above the status update section at the top of your page.
  2. Browse to the video file to update and select it then hit Open to upload the video file to your account.
  3. Once the video has been processed and added to your Facebook page navigate to your page and select the More link at the top and choose Videos from the drop down menu.
    More Videos Drop Down menu image
  4. On the page that then opens up choose Your Videos and select the edit icon in the upper right hand corner of the video you’ll add captions to.
    Edit Video Pop Up image

  5. Choose Edit this Video from the pop-up window that appears and you’ll be presented with a number of parameters that can be edited including a Caption section.
    Edit Video Pop Up image showing menu items including Edit This Video choice.
  6. Choose the browse button to upload your caption file which must use the following naming scheme: for English captions on the United States version of Facebook.
    Image of the video edit page which allows the user to add a .srt caption file to the Facebook video.
  7. Choose Save at the bottom of the video editing page and your captions should be available to those who pick the gear icon at the lower right-hand edge of the Facebook video.