Accessible Technology

IT Accessibility Progress & Plan


The University of Washington has a long history of working to address accessibility issues related to technology. For a list of activities and accomplishments, see our IT Accessibility Progress page.

Future Plans

Current efforts build on these earlier efforts. Following is a list of short term goals and activities geared toward addressing accessibility of new and existing information technologies.


  • ATS is working with colleagues to develop an “Accessibility Approved” library of plugins, modules, and widgets for use on WordPress, Drupal, and standalone websites.
  • ATS will collaborate with campus units to increase efforts to address issues related to IT-based learning and supporting faculty, including incorporating more accessibility content into courses, learning communities, and online resources supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • ATS will plan a Siteimprove hackathon at UW.
  • Task Force will offer Professional Organizational Development (POD) courses on accessible IT.
  • Continue to explore the feasibility to expand our Siteimprove subscription to an enterprise level or to partner with other educational institutions in the state for a larger enterprise-level subscription.
  • Deliver more presentations and other outreach, including effective training and support for Ally.
  • The IT Accessibility Task Force is exploring new ways to expand the reach of Siteimprove by
    1. Shrinking crawls of inactive sites in favor of crawling new sites whose owners would like to participate
    2. Promoting training opportunities to ensure more consistent use of the tool
    3. Reaching out individually to Siteimprove users with an offer of support
    4. Building community by establishing a Siteimprove user group
  • Increase awareness of and promote compliance with State Policy #188–IT Accessibility, the UW’s IT Accessibility Policy, Guidelines, and resources. Specifically, help educate respective units and leadership groups, perhaps inviting ATS staff or task force members to present to campus units.
  • Ensure the availability of adequate numbers of staff members in all campus units to promote and support the procurement, development, and use of accessible IT.
  • Task Force members will continue to develop procedures/processes for multiple operations and stakeholder groups (e.g., online instructors, academic departments, engagement with vendors).
  • Task force members will continue to look at channels through which to connect with department coordinators and/or department instructional designers to better understand how/when/why faculty choose or create content and promote accessibility as part of their work flow.
  • The IT Accessibility Task Force will consider presenting Accessible IT Trailblazer Awards to individuals for their exemplary efforts.
  • The IT Accessibility Task Force will consider presenting an Accessible IT Capacity Building Award to a campus unit for promoting the accessible design of IT and universal design of instruction both on-site and online.
  • Accessible Technology Services, IT Accessibility Task Force, and Liaisons will deliver more presentations on universal design and learning technologies.
  • ATS will recruit and support more IT Accessibility Liaisons.
  • ATS will proactively reach out to evaluate websites, documents, and software for accessibility and make remediation efforts.
  • ATS will continue to maintain a showroom of assistive technology and conduct consulting on its use and on accessible IT in the Access Technology Center.
  • ATS will maintain and update an inventory of prioritized IT used on all UW campuses and record accessibility issues and remediation plans and progress.
  • ATS, IT Accessibility Liaisons, and the Task Force will enhance the Accessible Technology at the UW site to make content more complete, to make it easier for users to find information they are looking for, to create and post more “how to” pages and videos, and to ensure that content is relevant to all three campuses.
  • ATS, IT Accessibility Liaisons, and the Task Force will promote the use of Siteimprove, SensusAccess, and Able Player.
  • ATS, IT Accessibility Liaisons, and the Task Force will promote the use of accessible UW branded templates for documents, events, and presentations.