Accessible Technology

IT Accessibility Leadership

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility.  If you create websites, software, videos, or electronic documents; or if you procure technology that others will use, it is your responsibility to ensure these technologies are accessible to all users. The University of Washington (UW) is committed to providing leadership and support to help its community as it embraces this responsibility. Leadership is organized into the following three groups.

IT Accessibility Task Force

The IT Accessibility Task Force was founded in 2012 and charged by the UW Vice President and CIO, UW- IT and Vice President, Office of External Affairs to develop and implement plans for promoting IT accessibility and establishing best practices campus-wide. It continues to meet monthly to:

  • Continue taking steps toward more accessible UW websites and other IT and institutionalizing cooperative relationships between key stakeholder groups.
  • Develop strategies that can be applied campus-wide, such as accessibility audits, progress reports, and the availability of tools to facilitate accessibility efforts.
  • Recommend steps toward a more coordinated campus-wide effort in promoting the design of accessible websites and other IT.

It submits annual reports of progress and recommendations to project sponsors.

Following is a list of current Task Force members, organized by unit.


  • Sheryl Burgstahler, Director, Accessible Technology Services (ATS) (chair)
  • Terrill Thompson, Manager, IT Accessibility Team, ATS
  • Dan Comden, Access Technology Center Manager, ATS
  • Hadi Rangin, IT Accessibility Specialist, ATS
  • Nick Rohde, Web and Content Developer

University Marketing and Communications

  • Thomas Winston Thorpe, Director, Web Strategy

Human Resources

  • Ian Campbell, Manager, Disability Services Office

Student Services

  • Jack Nguyen, Assistant Director, Disability Resources for Students

Compliance Services

  • Bree Callahan, ADA Coordinator

Center on Teaching and Learning

  • Mihaela Giurca, Instructional Consultant

UW Procurement Services

  • Lynn Magill, Program Operations Specialist


  • Torey Gilbertson, Lecturer, Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Katie Lewis, Associate Professor, College of Education

Continuum College

  • Krissy Jones, Director of Instructional Design and Development

Integrated Social Sciences

  • Aimee Kelly, Assistant Director of Academic Services

UW Libraries

  • Andy Andrews, Accessibility Coordinator


  • Ana Thompson, CPACC, Learning & Access Designer, Office of Digital Learning & Innovation


  • Patrick Pow, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology

UW-IT Accessible Technology Services (ATS)

UW-IT’s Accessible Technology Services (ATS) provides services designed to increase the accessibility of IT developed, procured and used at the University of Washington. ATS staff includes several globally renown experts in the field of technology accessibility. For help with particular issues, please contact any of the following staff members. For additional options for receiving help, see Getting Help with Accessibility.

Team Member Specialty Areas
Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.
Director, Accessible Technology Services
Affiliate Professor, College of Education
  • Policy, plan development & implementation
  • Co-Chair, IT Accessibility Task Force
  • IT Accessibility Liaisons
  • Statewide efforts
Terrill Thompson
Manager, IT Accessibility Team
  • Accessible web design and development
  • Procurement processes
  • Media player accessibility; audio description
Hadi Rangin
IT Accessibility Specialist
  • Engagement with IT vendors
  • Monthly accessibility and usability meetups for web designers/developers
  • Design/redesign of web applications
Dan Comden
Access Technology Center Manager
  • IT inventory/audit data collection
  • Training opportunities
  • Process for IT developers
Gaby de Jongh
IT Accessibility Specialist
  • Document accessibility (e.g., Word, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Promotion, training, and support
  • (Co-lead) free captioning & research project
Anna Marie Golden, MHCI+D
IT Accessibility Specialist
  • Web accessibility
  • Promotion, training, and support
Lyla Crawford
Program Coordinator, DO-IT
  • Coordinate Capacity Building Institutes
  • Facilitate statewide Communities of Practice
Susie Hawkey
Operations Manager
Accessible Technology Services
  • (Co-lead) free captioning & research project
  • ATS staffing, budget, administration
  • Relationships with UW administrative support

IT Accessibility Liaisons

IT Accessibility Liaisons are people who represent their work unit, large or small, in a tri-campus movement to promote the procurement, development, and use of accessible IT.  For additional information, see our IT Accessibility Liaisons page.