Accessible Technology

Providing Multiple Ways of Finding Content


Individuals have adopted a variety of methods for finding content on websites. Some people prefer search, others prefer navigation menus, and others prefer site maps. For some users the choice might be dictated by a particular feature’s ease of use. For example, some users with disabilities might find that it’s easier to use search than to operate a dropdown menu. In order to address the diverse needs of all users, multiple means should be provided for finding content on your website.


Provide multiple means of finding content on your website, for example:

  • Provide a Navigation menu
  • Provide a Search feature
  • Provide a Site map

University Marketing and Communications provides a standard WordPress Theme that has multiple means of navigation built in. The UW Drupal community has created a Drupal version of the standard UW theme. More information is available on the Community Themes and Modules wiki.