Lesson 3: Quality Control of the Client Website


Now that you have successfully constructed the client website, you must check to be fully certain that the site is problem-free before unveiling it to your client. This includes checking the site for broken links, invalid HTML, browser incompatibilities, accessibility errors, spelling errors, and similar issues that all fall under the heading of quality control.


To find and correct any problems with the website that might have been overlooked during the design process.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this exercise, you will be able to:


Use as many tools, techniques and strategies you can think of to test your website for problems, and fix them. Check especially for the following:

For the first two items, your web authoring software may have features that can check the entire site.

For the third item, try viewing your page in as many browsers as possible.

The the final two items, use any of the online checkers discussed in the module on validation (Unit 6 Module 1).

All done?

Present printed copies of reports and validation tests to your instructor. Explain what changes you made based on the feedback you received. When finished, proceed to the final lesson!