Module 2: Publishing on the Web


In this course, you have learned to create web page content and structure using HTML, add style using CSS, and add behavior using JavaScript. You have learned to test your site, both automatically and manually, for quality control purposes, and finally in the previous module you learned the basics of using web authoring software to manage entire websites by checking for broken links, spelling errors, accessibility errors, etc. As you learned all these web design and development techniques, you created your own website, a portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge and skills.

Now that you have a website, what do you do with it? How do you make your website available on the World Wide Web so the whole world can access it? In Lesson 1 of this module, we will explore some of the many options that are available for hosting websites. Then, in Lesson 2, we will explore alternatives to traditional web hosting models. More and more web authors are publishing their content using content management systems, where they can focus more on content and less on the technical details of how the site is coded.