Lesson 1: Selection Tools


In this lesson, you will be introduced to the various selection tools that are common in many graphics programs. You will then use each of these tools to cut out various objects from their backgrounds. Finally, you will learn how to feather the edges of a selection to create a more gentle looking edge.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this exercise, you will be able to:


Part 1:  Selecting Images

  1. First, read Selection Tools to get an overview of different selection tools common in graphics programs. Your instructor will demonstrate how to use the selection tools in the software application being used.
  2. Then, open up the image selection_practice.jpg and, following the direction in Selection Tools, use the different tools to extract the objects from their backgrounds.  Practice different techniques for extracting the images.
  3. Once you are comfortable extracting the images, create a new file in your software and set the size to 600 x 200.
  4. Keep the selection practice image open and select the image 1 using the oval marquee tool.  Once you have made your selection, copy the selection and then go to the new image you created, create a new layer and paste your selection. Repeat this for each of the selection practice images.  When you are done, you should have a cutout of each of the objects on their own layer. You will use these images in the next lesson to design a practice banner.

Resources/Online Documents

All done?

Save the project file with the cutout images now in separate layers, to your images subfolder. This file will be used again in the next lesson.