• People who can't see images depend on alternate text versions of image content.
  • Almost every document authoring tool supports alt text. Right click on the image to access Image Properties or equivalent, then enter a brief description.
  • Keep alt text short and sweet.

Adding alt text in Dreamweaver

Image Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog in Dreamweaver, which includes prompts for alternate text and long description

Adding alt text in HTML

Sample image: DO-IT logo

<img src="https://www.washington.edu/accesscomputing/doit.gif" alt="DO-IT logo">

Adding alt text in Word

Format Picture dialog in Word 2011, with two fields for alt text, Title and Description

Adding alt text in Adobe Acrobat

Screen shot from Acrobat, showing an Edit Alternate Text menu item within the Touch Up Reading Order interface

A Couple of Great Alt Text Resources

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